I work with digital 35mm systems, Canon and Nikon, and more recently digital medium format using the Phase One platform to give optimum professional results in wide angle, conventional and macro photography. 

Analogue is also still available with bespoke imaging from the dark room and/ or Metro lab in London. A film based service up to 5x4 is available and remains very useful in certain practices such as Architecture and Interiors. I have worked with many businesses over the last 16 years. Here are a few, many of whom use my services on a regular basis. I enjoy establishing a rapport with customers and enjoy seeing how their business moves forwards.

Amanda Simmonds - Contemporary  Clothing

Electric Mobility - Modern Comfort

Modus - Contemporary  Furniture

Glen Prince of Great Britain - Fashion

Alphonse Mucha Foundation - Fine Art

Wainscott Interiors - Classic Oak panelling and Interiors

Bristol University - Sporting and Academic Activities

Millfield School - Brochure and Web, School Life

Bizzykidz London - Kids & Teens Modelling

John Wratten Architects - Modern Contemporary Living Interiors and Exteriors

R G Johnson Construction - Buildings and Construction

ADPR - Alice Driscol PR Somerset

Yurtis Holidays - Holiday & Tourism Somerset

Stokes Partnership - Solicitors Somerset

Katherine Crouch Garden Design - Contemporary and Traditional Gardens

Work Ethic:

To quote appropriately for a job I have found that two things are essential : A Brief and A Budget.

I am happy to give guidelines as to costs but if I know what the client is looking to have done and an idea of what sort of budget is available then I can quote more accurately. I am happy to quote my date rate or half day rate, or to work on a per image basis, or on a per item basis.

I like to do a good job and to do a good job takes time, good equipment, experience and communication. I have invested in my business and I hope that my work will be seen as an investment in yours.

Justin Orwin arps

April 2017