Taking and Making Photographs

Never before has it been so easy or so convenient to take photographs. However there is often frustration at the results.

So it can be useful to discuss techniques approaches and styles with other people and photographers with different experiences.

The courses here at Millhouse are aimed at giving confidence, creating understanding and encouraging the freedom in photography  and  with a view to helping people to be more satisfied with their results.

The tutor is Justin Orwin who is an Associate of The Royal Photographic Society and has 15 years professional working experience from weddings to packshots to landscapes and portraits. Having been brought up on film and now embracing digital he is familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of both but in the end appreciates that it is the picture that counts, and the person taking the picture is more important than the camera or whether it is a digital or analogue process. 

If you would like to join in the photography scene at Millhouse you might like to come on a One to One Day - £95, or come on a six week  evenings only term - £175 per person (max 6 people) or sign up to the Newsletter ( soon to be added!). Please contact the studio on 01460 52866 / 07980 946465 or e mail orwinstudio@gmail.com for more information. 

Best Wishes  


"Look, I'm not an intellectual -I just take pictures." - Helmut Newton